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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can fly?

Anyone and everyone who is 8 years or older, and under our maximum weight of 225 lbs. We often accommodate those with physical impairments.  

How early do I need to arrive?

Arrive about 15 minutes before your appointment for orientation video and paperwork. Please be mindful of the speed limit!  The police are monitoring highway speeds very closely on the shore.

What do I need to wear?

This varies with altitude and the forecasted temperature for that day. Temperature reduces approximately 4 degrees Fahrenheit per 1,000 ft. of elevation. On an 80 degree day, T-shirt and shorts are ok at 2,000 ft. At 5,000 feet we suggest a light jacket and long pants. Shoes are optional. Bare feet to tennis shoes are fine depending on temperature. Heavy boots should be avoided.

What payment types do you accept?

Cash, credit cards and debit cards.

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes, we can email or mail your recipient. There is no expiration date for your certificates. 

What do I do if I need to cancel?

Our availability is limited. Please give at least a 48 hour notice of cancellation so we may offer that slot to another customer.

How does the weather effect my flight?

We do our best to monitor the weather very closely using several aviation and civil forecasts but no forecast is perfect. The forecasts are most accurate for our location within a 3 day period. Ideal conditions are wind speeds of 0-10 mph with a gust factor of no greater than 15 mph. Over 15 mph we may cancel depending on the wind direction. Mornings usually have the smoothest conditions for flying. We recommend flying during the morning. If we conclude that the weather conditions may not be suitable for flying we will contact you 24 hours in advance to reschedule your flight. We want to make sure your flight is safe as possible and you have the most amazing experience. 

Can I take a video camera on my flight?

Due to company policy and multiple safety reasons we do not allow customers to carry devices on the flights. Instead, we have two mounted GoPros on the tandem glider and we offer high definition in-flight videos for purchase. You may however use your video cameras on the ground. 

Do you offer a photo package?

When you purchase your flight video you can take your time at home to browse the footage and find the best screenshot to use as picture of your experience. 

What is the age limit?

Anyone who is 8 years and older, however a parent or legal guardian must sign a waiver for anyone under 18. Although, children as young as 8 years old have flown, we reserve the right to refuse a child if we think they may not be capable of following simple instructions. 

Do you have a weight limit?

Customers must be under 225 lbs. to fly.

How long are the flights?

Flight times vary depending on passenger weight and atmospheric conditions, however the glider normally descends around 215 feet per minute. 2,000' flight  - 10 to 12 minutes / 3,000' flight - 15 to 18 minutes / 1 mile (5,280') flight - 25 to 30 minutes. Aerobatic flights descend quicker but are exponentially more exciting.

What do I need to bring with me?

Appropriate clothing for the weather conditions, just make sure you are comfortable, whether it's shorts & T-shirt, jeans, etc.; sun block; water/hydration;  joyful attitude, family and friends.

Is hang gliding safe?

Aviation of any kind has inherent risk. We work diligently to mitigate those risks through proper training, maintained equipment, flying in appropriate weather conditions.

Can I bring family and friends to watch?

We’d love you to bring family and friends along to watch. We have an covered area with a picnic tables and charcoal & gas grill for your use, and who knows after they see you having so much fun they may also decide to fly with us.  

How do I schedule a flight?

Please give us a call at (757) 346-1134 and let us know what day you would like to come and fly with us, We will let you know what times we have available. If possible book your flights as soon as you have a date in mind, our schedule does fill up quite quickly however we will always do our best to fit your flights in. A credit card is required when scheduling. Our cancellation policy is 48 hours.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION to know when driving to our airfield

Please take note of your speed when driving to our facility.  The police on the shore are vigilant and will gladly give out tickets for those of you with a heavy foot. We want to make sure you arrive at our facility safely and in a great mood for your once in a lifetime experience. 

If you have any further questions before you fly please let us know.

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