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Hang Gliding

Float through the sky like a bird in the

way you might have imagined

but never dreamed was

really possible



  • We fly ages 8 to 100+

  • Our glider is rated for passengers up to 225 pounds

  • In honor of our active duty military, police, firefighters & EMS we gladly offer a 10% discount

  • Group rates available


      Options & Pricing


Due to the mandatory COVID closure of 2020 and now the increase in the cost of operations, small businesses are struggling.
Even with the major cost increases, we at Virginia Hang Gliding have decided to help our customers by absorbing the cost increase and not raising our prices for the 2024 season.
Please support small businesses like ours by purchasing products and services and by referring these businesses to your friends and loved ones.

Buy local and help keep the small businesses alive.
Thank you for your understanding.


Hang Gliding

The Smooth Glide
Altitude: 2,000 ft
Price: $199

Hang Gliding

The Scenic Soar

Altitude:3,500 ft

Price: $299

Hang Gliding

The Ultimate Mile High

Altitude:5,300 ft

Price: $399

For information or to schedule a hang gliding flight, call (757) 346 1134

GoPro high definition videos of your flight are available
for an additional charge of $99 + tax
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